Our 45th Reunion is around the corner

Our 45th Reunion is around the corner!  Debbie Rothman and Danielle Trostorff, our Reunion co-chairs, have been working hard to provide a stimulating and fun-filled weekend.

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Welcoming classmates to our last Reunion

  • Our class headquarters will be the Carl Becker House. We were there for our 35th Reunion. It is air-conditioned (not that we’ve always needed a/c at all our Reunions).
  • Thursday evening dinner (gourmet tacos!) will be at our headquarters, as will breakfasts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The Friday evening reception and dinner will be at the Cornell Botanic Gardens.
  • We will join with the Cornell Black Alumni Association to present the documentary film Agents of Change, on Friday morning. This film is about the April 1969 Willard Straight Hall takeover by Black students and the events that led up to it. A presentation of this film at the 2017 Reunion by the Class of 1972 was standing room only. If you want a preview, here’s the trailer.

    Reunion Co-Chairs Danielle and Debbie take a Dairy Bar break with a bovine friend

    Reunion Co-Chairs Danielle and Debbie take a Dairy Bar break with a bovine friend

  • There will not be a class lunch on Saturday. There will be an open-seating lunch for all between 11 am – 2 pm at the Statler, which you may attend if you like.
  • The Saturday evening reception will be at the Andrew Dickson White House garden, with dinner to follow at the Statler, a short walk away.
  • We have a dedicated email account for Reunion, so if you have ideas, questions, or concerns, send them to CornellReunionClass1973 (at)


In 2015 Cornell turns 150!

On April 27, 2015 (Charter Day), Cornell officially turns 150 years old. The University is rolling out the Big Red carpet in 2014-2015 to make sure Cornellians everywhere can take part in this once-in-a-lifetime Sesquicentennial celebration. Cornell is going on tour in select cities worldwide in 2014-2015, with events planned and hosted by Cornell. Local alumni will be invited to attend these functions. In addition regional clubs will be working with other Cornell groups to host official parties on Charter Day weekend. Alumni will be encouraged to attend “scanning parties” throughout the celebration year, where guests can bring old pictures to be digitized and sent to Cornell’s collection. Even if you don’t attend a large event, you won’t be alone in embracing the Big Red spirit. You can catch the campus celebration remotely by watching livestreams or video recordings, and you can make connections all year long by sharing your photos, memories, stories, and more on-line.

Your class officers and council are participating in the planning process in a variety of cities across the US. We will keep you informed regarding dates and activities where we will have a distinct presence – but don’t hesitate to get involved where you live – Cornell is a big family, and you don’t simply connect via the class.


Class Dues collection Joins the High-Tech Era

It’s time again for you to join more than 20,000 Cornellians who enjoy the benefits and privileges of being a dues paying member of  a class, including:

  • The hard copy version of the Cornell Alumni Magazine
  • Access to discounted services and products in the Big Red Marketplace
  • Invitations to exclusive webinars with Cornell faculty and alumni.

In addition, we use your dues to cover the costs of communications, class events, and to offset some of the higher reunion costs.

You’ll notice that this time we are asking for an 18-month payment instead of the regular annual dues amount.  Because of the new computer system, Cornell is moving all classes to paying dues in the Spring.  (1973 has historically paid dues in the Fall.)  the new system, Cornell Connect, will give the University greater efficiency and cost savings.  1973 will be subject to minor adjustments for the next 18 months. The annual class dues will remain the same:  $65 for one classmate, but at this time members will pay dues for 18 months (a ONE TIME occurrence) of $97.00  No further billing will arrive until Spring of 2015, when we will return to a 12 month cycle.

AUTO RENEWAL members please note:  During the changeover, we will not be able to automatically charge your credit card, even if you have signed up for this.  To pay class dues, you will have to manually authorize the charge in both Fall 2013 and Spring 2015.  Once we are on the 12-month Spring billing schedule, you will be encouraged to opt back into the Auto Renewal program.

To renew your dues, go here, or call 607-255-3021.

While you are at it, send us some news for the column in the Cornell Alumni Magazine!  (click here to send news).  Our class columnists are ALWAYS looking for updates on classmates, so please make their job easier, and send them information on your life – retirement, children, grandchildren, travels, and get-togethers with fellow classmates and Cornellians.