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Class Dues collection Joins the High-Tech Era

It’s time again for you to join more than 20,000 Cornellians who enjoy the benefits and privileges of being a dues paying member of  a class, including:

  • The hard copy version of the Cornell Alumni Magazine
  • Access to discounted services and products in the Big Red Marketplace
  • Invitations to exclusive webinars with Cornell faculty and alumni.

In addition, we use your dues to cover the costs of communications, class events, and to offset some of the higher reunion costs.

You’ll notice that this time we are asking for an 18-month payment instead of the regular annual dues amount.  Because of the new computer system, Cornell is moving all classes to paying dues in the Spring.  (1973 has historically paid dues in the Fall.)  the new system, Cornell Connect, will give the University greater efficiency and cost savings.  1973 will be subject to minor adjustments for the next 18 months. The annual class dues will remain the same:  $65 for one classmate, but at this time members will pay dues for 18 months (a ONE TIME occurrence) of $97.00  No further billing will arrive until Spring of 2015, when we will return to a 12 month cycle.

AUTO RENEWAL members please note:  During the changeover, we will not be able to automatically charge your credit card, even if you have signed up for this.  To pay class dues, you will have to manually authorize the charge in both Fall 2013 and Spring 2015.  Once we are on the 12-month Spring billing schedule, you will be encouraged to opt back into the Auto Renewal program.

To renew your dues, go here, or call 607-255-3021.

While you are at it, send us some news for the column in the Cornell Alumni Magazine!  (click here to send news).  Our class columnists are ALWAYS looking for updates on classmates, so please make their job easier, and send them information on your life – retirement, children, grandchildren, travels, and get-togethers with fellow classmates and Cornellians.