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In 2015 Cornell turns 150!

On April 27, 2015 (Charter Day), Cornell officially turns 150 years old. The University is rolling out the Big Red carpet in 2014-2015 to make sure Cornellians everywhere can take part in this once-in-a-lifetime Sesquicentennial celebration. Cornell is going on tour in select cities worldwide in 2014-2015, with events planned and hosted by Cornell. Local alumni will be invited to attend these functions. In addition regional clubs will be working with other Cornell groups to host official parties on Charter Day weekend. Alumni will be encouraged to attend “scanning parties” throughout the celebration year, where guests can bring old pictures to be digitized and sent to Cornell’s collection. Even if you don’t attend a large event, you won’t be alone in embracing the Big Red spirit. You can catch the campus celebration remotely by watching livestreams or video recordings, and you can make connections all year long by sharing your photos, memories, stories, and more on-line.

Your class officers and council are participating in the planning process in a variety of cities across the US. We will keep you informed regarding dates and activities where we will have a distinct presence – but don’t hesitate to get involved where you live – Cornell is a big family, and you don’t simply connect via the class.