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Class Officers

At our 40th Reunion, June 2013, the following officers were elected to oversee our class activities for the next 5 years:

President:  Paul Cashman,  Vice President:  Larry Taylor, Secretary:  Eliot Greenwald, Treasurer:  Danielle Trostorff, Affinity and Membership Co-Chairs:  Fran Minnock and Larry Taylor, Class Historian:  Joan Spielholz, Class Correspondents: Phyllis Grummon, Lorraine Skalko, Pam Meyers, and David Ross, Reunion Co-Chairs:  Debbie Rothman and Danielle Trostorff, Annual Fund Rep:  Jon Kaplan, Nominating Co-Chairs:  Wayne Merkelson and Rick Saltz, Immediate Past President:  Marty Sherman.  Class Council members are:  Charles Fowler, Maxine Howard, David Kapelman, Bill McAleer, Susan Murphy, Nanci Palmintere, Thilde Peterson, Ed Schechter, Ron Skalko, Bill Welker, and Mark Wurzel.

Below is a picture, taken at Reunion, of those in attendance.

Image 18

Back Row:  Marty Sherman, Ed Schecter, Phyllis Grummon, Rick Saltz, Bill McAleer, John Kaplan, Nanci Palmintere, Charles Fowler, Eliot Greenwald

Front Row:  Maxine Howard, Thilde Peterson, Danielle Trostorff, Debbie Rothman, David Kapelman, Paul Cashman, Susan Murphy

Seated:  Wayne Merkelson, David Ross

The following officers attended a retreat in 2008 after our 35th reunion:

Cornell 1973 Class Officers

L to R:
Carl Ferrention, Roger Jacobs, Joan Spielholz, Lorraine Skalko, Thilde Peterson, Maxine Howard, Paul Cashman
Back Row:  Larry Taylor, Eliot Greenwald, Tina Gourley, Marty Sherman, Debbie Rothman, Rick Saltz

Class Officers convened in Boston in January, 2013 at CALC to recharge our Cornell batteries and refine our 40th reunion plans

2013-01-19 02.29.33

L to R: (1st Row)  Rick Saltz, Susan Murphy, Ron Skalko, Lorraine Skalko  (2nd Row):  Eliot Greenwald, Marty Sherman, Paul Cashman, Wayne Merkelson, Debbie Rothman.  Missing:  Jon Kaplan and Danielle Trostorff



Informal Reunion Planning, January 2013

2013-01-19 00.49.13

 L to R:  Danielle Trostorff, Debbie Rothman, Rick Saltz, Lorraine Skalko, Ron Skalko