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Cornell’s Alumni Directory

Address updates are now easier to submit. Alumni classmates are now easier to find. Please check, update, and approve your online alumni directory listing. All address updates will be automatically sent to Cornell Alumni records. All you need is your ID number. Go to for more information and easy instructions.

Interesting Cornell Websites

Check out how Cornell’s sports teams are doing at the Cornell Athletics web page.
See what has been going on with alumni and on campus with the Cornell Alumni Magazine!
Visit the Cornell Campus Store to take part of Cornell home with you!
To find friends from other classes check out Cornell Class Websites.
Get a Cornell e-mail address.
Listen to the chimes on McGraw Tower.
Send a postcard to someone from Cornell.
Download an admissions application for your favorite legacy.
Research a project at the Cornell Library
Find out the latest at Alumni News, Events & Activities
Check out the most recent Regional Alumni Events

Cornell Visa Card

Interested in a Cornell Visa Card the proceeds of which will support undergraduate scholarship? Click here!


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Enter this instant portal to fine teaching, extensive learning resources, and easy contact with the Cornell faculty.

CyberTower is a program of Cornell’s Adult University and is produced by Cornell Information Technologies. There are study rooms designed by leading members of the Cornell faculty. Each “room” features video-streamed lectures to introduce the topic; links to an array of websites selected by the faculty as excellent appropriate resources for further exploration; annotated reading lists prepared by the faculty’ and a contact system to make it easy for users to talk with the faculty and with other CyberTower classmates.

CyberTower also features monthly video-streamed forums moderated by Glenn C. Altschuler, the Thomas and Dorothy Litwin professor of American studies and dean of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. You can access forums at your convenience and relay questions and comments to the faculty. Forums are aired monthly during the academic year.

Just click on Check this out for the online discussions of Antigone.